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    You can specify that messages sent by the publisher to a client are acknowledged by the client when they are received.

    There is a facility to force client acknowledgment of messages sent by a publisher by using the setAckRequired method on a message. This assigns an ack ID to the message and when it is published (or sent), all clients that receive the message must acknowledge it within a specified time period otherwise the publisher is notified of non-acknowledgment. When the publisher receives notification of non-acknowledgment it is supplied with the message ack ID and a list of the clients that did not acknowledge the message.

    The same facility exists from client to server. A client can set ack required on a message it sends, in which case the server (or publisher) must respond within a given time otherwise the client application is notified of non-acknowledgment of the message

    Message acknowledgment should be used sparingly - for more information see the Diffusion documentation at the following link.

    Acknowledged messages Documentation

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